How do I request for the free $15 deposit into my wallet?

Log in to your account -> Go to your wallet from the account drop-down -> Under wallet click on Replenish and enter $15 -> Under select payment method click on "Free $15 Wallet" -> Submit your ID for verification and if successful with 3-12 hours you will receive the $15 deposit into your wallet.

Does everyone who creates an account receive the $15 or there is a criteria to follow?

No, there isn't any criteria to follow, anyone that creates an account on AfricaPrime HD will receive $15 in their wallet. This can be used to advertise, or later on if they upload videos to earn points, can be withdrawn if they reach $25.

Will any form of advertisement be accepted by AfricaPrime HD?

No, we review every submitted advert and the process of review could take anywhere between 5-24 hours for your advert to be approved or declined.

We recommend adverts that are promoting legitimate products and services that do exist, and that are being offered by existing businesses.

Is there a limit on the number of days an advert can be scheduled?

There's no limit. However, the minimum number of days for advertising is 24 hours which is equivalent to 1 day.

How much do I need to run adverts?

You can spend any amount of your choice on advertising.

What video quality is recommended or required for uploading videos?

We recommend the following video qualities for upload: HD 720p, FHD 1080p and 4K 2160p.

How long does an uploaded video take to be manually approved?

Your uploaded video will take maximum 2 hours to be either approved or declined. If it's been declined you will receive a message from one of our Platform Quality Control officers explaining the reasons, and there you'll have a chance to defend the video you've uploaded to get approved or not.

Does the video uploaded display immediately or is it manually approved?

Due to copyright issues, we manually approve every video that has been uploaded.

How do I deposit money to my wallet?

To deposit money to your wallet, simply head over to your -> Wallet -> Click on Replenish -> Add the money you want to deposit in USD -> Select PayPal as payment method -> Make payment with your PayPal account -> Check your wallet to access your deposited funds.

How much money can I withdraw from my wallet?

You can withdraw a minimum of $50 or more.

Does every content creator qualify for monetization?

No, you must get verification which you can apply for through your account -> Under verification -> You'll be asked to upload either your Passport or National ID for verification.

How much do I earn from my video views?

You earn $4 for every 1,000 views you get on a video. Your money will be deposited directly into your wallet for withdrawal once your video reaches 10,000 views and will be updated on every 10,000 additional up-to 1 million views per video.

How much do I earn from my content in regards to video monetization?

You will earn $0.02 per click of the advert in which your video has been used.

How many points make up $1 on AfricaPrime HD?

100 points are equal to $1.

How many points do I earn per video I upload on AfricaPrime HD?

Since AfricaPrime HD is a platform made for content creators to earn from their creativity, for every video you upload you receive 5 points.

Is it free to join AfricaPrime HD as a content creator?

Absolutely, it is totally free to register your account.